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Election is now closed.
Nominations openMonday, 7 January 2019
Nominations closeTuesday, 12 February 201917:30 (UTC +10)
Online voting and proxy appointment openThursday, 14 February 2019
Online voting and proxy appointment closeTuesday, 26 February 201909:30 (UTC +9)
On-site voting takes placeThursday, 28 February 201909:30 - 14:30 (UTC +9)*
Please Note: UTC +10 denotes Brisbane time. UTC +9 denotes Daejeon time. Learn more about how APNIC represents time.

*On-site voting commences when the Election Chair announces the start of the voting

About APNIC Election Timelines

The dates and times that govern the APNIC election process are measured backward from the close of voting on election day. Election day is the day of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the APNIC Conference where the election is being held.

During the week of the APNIC Conference, the times are calculated according to local time at the event location. In this case, Daejeon time (UTC +9).

  • Nominations open approximately 8 weeks before AGM day
  • Nominations close approximately 2 weeks before AGM day
  • Proxy and Online voting open 10 working days before AGM day
  • Proxy and Online voting close at 09:30 (48 hours before the election)
  • EC on-site voting takes place 09:30-14:30 local time of the event

More information can be found below: