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Policy SIG Chair Election Nominees

Sumon Ahmed Sabir - Nominee Statement

Sumon Ahmed Sabir, is actively involved with the Internet Industry since 1996. In his daily routine, he is working as Chief Technology Officer at Fiber@home Limited (Largest NSP and IP Transit Provider in Bangladesh). Before Fiber@Home, he was the Managing Director for BDCOM Online Limited, which is one of the leading ISP in Bangladesh.

Mr. Sumon was also a MAG member in IGF from 2016 to 2018. His contribution towards deployment of IPv6, creates a big impact in different Governmental movements towards mass deployment of IPv6 in Bangladesh.

He was elected as a Policy SIG Co-Chair in 2015, an active member in APNIC Policy Development Process. Presently Sumon is serving as APNIC Policy-SIG Chair since 2017.

Beside his professional career, he is a regular speaker for SANOG, BDNOG, APRICOT and APNIC Meetings since 2005. Sumon was the founding Chair, Board of Trusty - BDNOG since 2013. Sumon is a Core Committee member of SANOG since 2005. He is also the founding Chair for BDCERT.

One of the key achievements of Mr. Sumon, is his contribution towards BDIX since 2004 and still serving as Board of Trusty Member and Technical Advisor to Bangladesh Internet Exchange Point (BDIX). He has served as an office bearer of Internet Service Provider Association of Bangladesh (ISPAB) in different positions for more than a decade. His focused technical areas of expertise are Internet Routing, Internet Exchange Point, IPv6 Deployment, MPLS, IP RAN Backhaul and Fast Convergence in IP Network. He has a clear understanding of Internet eco-systems in the region.

NIR SIG Chair Election Nominees

Billy Mooho Cheon - Nominee Statement

Mr. Billy Mooho Cheon is a senior researcher of Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA). He has 20 years of experiences in various international affairs with non-governmental organizations and inter-governmental organizations. In 2001, He started his job carrier as a policy maker of number address resources (IPv4, IPv6 and AS numbers) in Asia-Pacific community. From 2005 to 2007, with in-depth knowledge and rich experiences in the Internet addresses management, he contributed to the AP region in policy development, cooperative system development as a member of Executive Council (EC) of Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC). In 2008, Mr. Cheon participated in Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) of ICANN and presented the position of Korean government and community on the naming resources (new gTLD, ccTLD, IDN) as well as Internet governance issues. In 2009, he organized Freedom of E-pression session in IGF (Internet governance Forum). In 2011, he attended at Working Party on Information Security and Privacy (WPISP) of OECD and joined in developing global information security policies and guidelines. In 2012, he worked with the Multi-lateral Development Banks such as the World Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank in the field of Information Communication Technologies and Cyber Security issues. From 2016 to 2018, he had served as one of Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group(MAG) member of UN Internet Governance Forum(IGF). He is dealing with various international issues on the Internet Governance in KISA and further looking forward to serving as NIR SIG Chair to make the AP region great.

Cooperation SIG Chair Election Nominees

Dr Rajesh - Nominee Statement

Presently I am working as Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore, India. Prior to this I was working as Professor of Computer Science in the Department of Computer Applications, Sree Narayana Gurukulam College of Engineering, Kolenchery, Ernakulam, India. I have 21  years of experience in teaching and software development. As a teacher I have developed my skills in team motivation and public relations. I am known for dedication, punctuality, hard work and sincerity  My educational qualification includes Master degree in Computer Application, Master degree in Personnel Management, Diploma in Computer Maintenance and Ph.D. in Computer science. Throughout my career I am very much connected with managerial activities apart from teaching. I have organized many national and international conferences jointly with Government bodies and universities during my service. Currently I am guiding seven Ph.D scholars and three post graduate students.

Dr Govind - Nominee Statement

Nomination to Chair Cooperation SIG at APNIC 47 in Daejeon. My nomination for Cooperation SIG be considered based on my relevant experience and work in the public-policy and Internet Governance  space, from a developing country perspective, of working both in Government and as a Technical Community representative, with diverse, multi stakeholder groups at national, regional and global fora since 2004.

In my previous tenure as Chair , I served the community by bringing and discussing on issues of relevance and brought the themes of Trans-Border Cooperation on Cyber Security, Whois Accuracy – Present Status and is challenges, Whois database – Challenges of data protection and privacy and Internet Content Blocking and Filtering –Challenges and Way Forward.

I was closely involved in setting up of India’s internet exchange points in 2003; Established .IN Registry, ccTLD for India, 2004; Set up International Domain Name for Indian languages, 2010; Established India’s National Internet Registry, 2012 and establishing India’s Multi-Stakeholder stance on  Internet Governance space.

Some background:
I , Dr. Govind am  working as an expert in the Internet Governance space and has served , as  the CEO of National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) from 2011-2015, a section 25 company  set up under Indian companies act as a public-private partnership towards the promotion of Internet in the country. Formerly, I served as  Senior Director, heading the E-Infrastructure & Internet Governance areas in the Ministry  of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India.
During my work in the government, I learnt the importance of building consensus, but most importantly, ensuring inclusive, robust and meaningful dialogue amongst stakeholders.
Finally, my motto  is to serve the community as Cooperation SIG Chair for the next tenure. The idea is to involve the community in more and more public-policy dialogue process which are of relevance from the Internet Governance .

Joy Chan - Nominee Statement

Joy Chan is the Deputy CEO at Taiwan Network and Information Center (TWNIC), her responsibility includes heading TWCERT/CC.  Prior to this post, Joy was the Deputy Director General at Cyber Trust Technology Institute of Institute For Information Industry (III).
Joy worked as the Head of APAC Production Engineering for Yahoo! Products and Services, and she was the CTO for Yahoo! at Taiwan, she brings in advance technology for service resilience and scalable system operations.

Joy has firm believe in Cooperation SIG: 
There are many topics we can bridge between different segments of industries; we can fully utilize this SIG as a platform to expand and to explore further with this Cooperation SIG mechanism.

Recognition on the outreach, promote and evolve for Internet Governance and other important Internet issues , the needs to be address and discuss in an open form that can trigger more participants to represent the multi-stakeholder interests. 

Joy has the passion and interest for a free and safe Internet, with Resilience of Security, Managing and Remediation of the Vulnerabilities, etc; these are the most critical issues currently for our forum to discuss and to further structure for a better internet.

The various activities for the communities can bring tremendous values to the internet society; I truly believe the benefit in partnership in public sector, private sector and the nonprofit sector. I also believe the cooperation SIG can demonstrate the contribution and value to a better Internet community in APAC.

As an experienced executive with extensive ICT experience from Taiwan,  and with the knowledge from working in US at many large firms like IBM and Dow Jones, it is time for Joy to turn these expertise back to the Internet Community in APNIC.

Venkatraman - Nominee Statement

Venkat has been associated with the Internet services for the last 19 years and his valuable experience helps , for planning and strategizing to create an enabling Telecommunication Environment particularly the Internet for the public at large. Currently he is serving as a Senior Vice President Legal and Corporate Affairs in World Phone Internet Services Pvt Ltd a Pan India operator in India.

Venkat is  actively involved  in the Internet Service Providers Association of India & serving as a Executive Council member  from 2016 onwards. Venkat is also an active participant in all APNIC and APRICOT events. He has attended the ISOC meetings in Apricot Kathmandu, and Played an active role as a Team member in INNOG creation and instrumental for holding the 1st INNOG meeting successfully in the year 2018 at New Delhi.

Venkat is a very enthusiastic   participant for all recently held webinar with respective to Regulatory Framework for OTT communication service on OTT both in India and world wide. He is a regular follower on key comments of various participant through mail in various chapters of ISOC on the  Internet policy framing.